Hello there,I’m sorry to tell you that just by feb 5 2018 I built RST suspention fork 11s Fat bike brand KUPA(in kid name of my mom),its 15.5kg weight without mudguards and full advantage travel mountain all season bike with two crank versions of the First Components Taiwan 32T and 46T single speed crank all allow 7075 forged, its all allow bike,frame 7009 allow,tires 4.0 inch which in our two Fleetwood Duro Front and BigG MTB Rear tire version let you speed our Fat bike faster that any mentioned by you best 10 fat bikes.Made with Israely design and specs arranged with international team from USA into Russia working on it near 1.5year the 46T crank x 46T gear allows with appropriate skills to develop 40km/h+ speed on straight road and in down hill road there is no limits,but your bicycle experience.With lightest real Fat Bike fenders made from plastic all black color STALKER first KUPA model offering absolute Drop Out kit threaded holes for rear rack applied as 64cm all 7050 allow base/7009 allow stays which let carry on up to 100kg weight(not ISO Tested).Its only of a few World fat bike versions allow you to use byke with BMX rider standing on its foots on rear wheel like usual BMX style,best mountain travel advantage for those travelling Everest.Riding both F/R tires Fleetwood type bicycle touch road rubber has only 3-4cm length letting ride the bike like road bike on Shimano XTR 9000 series derailleur/46T gear and 8000/9000 series optionally shift 11s value.Cut off stainless steel Scada pedals will cut stone,but not to be damaged in all cases, all allow STALKER running on japanies 3F/5R bearings of KT/Novatec,strongest DT Swiss D1,2,3 spokes 2.0mm and what none of mentioned 10 best bikes has:fully welded rim contact,which looks without contact line to be able seen by human eye without special instruments making STALKER into all Hercules power group with light running speed from best road bikes.Best world bike in Heavy Duty category ever,its elegance brake through makes ride on it like at Boing top class Business seat packed not feeling any road bumps.

Contact me as founder by kupafatbike@mail.ru mail in order I can share with you our baby first pictures.Assembled hand built in Taiwan it leaves no quality questions with its TRP mechanic/hydraulic disc brakes top versions.Since SRAM company nose was handed too high to cooperate with small boutique brand made of top quality specs,we applied best available to cooperate vendors to let riders to feel what is a quality.Target retail price 4000.00US$ with top Velo seats version applied.Our 46T crank X46T gear concept allows riders to speed bike into all road bike speed and up,since in raining or snowing weather road/MTB bikes fly out of road on such speed while we stay and can continue drive wearing plastic mudguards of just 700gr weight.Travel all world places,weather and conditions.Its only world fat bike version which allows attach carriage to the bike via threaded holes specially made dropout,since I’m world traveler and mountains climber too.

Hope to hear soon from you.

Best Regards, Youri Kupay, KUPA Fat Bike Venture

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